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​Macy’s Autism Pals 

​​​​​​Our Training Fees...

Our dogs go through a two year training program. At about fourteen months old the dogs may start living with you full time depending on your situation. We start with an eight-week old puppy so your child can grow up with the dog. 

Email us for an application, we do not charge an application fee. Fax or scan or email it back with a reference and we will set up a first appointment with you.    We accept payments, we can accept weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  We work hard to make it possible to obtain our services.  Email or call for details.   

Our two-year training program is a complete package. Our fees include the dog, the first two years of veterinary care, and everything you need to get started once the dog is placed in your home such as a no pull leader, easy walk harness for tethering your child, hands free leash, service dog vest, and such.  Unlike other service dog companies, we train you over the two years to handle the service dog. You and your child will see the dog grow and learn. We will train you over the two years by visiting your home on a regular basis to teach you everything you need to know. At the end of the training program there is a 1 to 2 week intensive training in your home to finalize and place the service dog.  Please Contact ask for the price.  If we have to travel outside Georgia there will be an additional travel fee added to the training plan. Your application packet contains all of the following materials:
□  Service Dog Application
□  Questionnaire About your Child  
□  Personal Reference Form

□  Photo Release Form
□  Training and Responsibilities and Agreement
□  General Release of Liability Statement
□  A photo of your child for our records

All documents need to be completed in full and returned before our services start.   We will review and approve your application and contact you for an interview then request a non-refundable $1,000 deposit. Your paperwork has a section to set up a payment method. We can discuss special arraignments if you like.  The package includes all the training sessions necessary to have you trained as the handler of the dog fully trained autism service dog. We schedule it with you so the puppy has time with you and your family and time with us over the two years. This means it has training with us in our home and at your home. We believe that it is important for your child to start bonding early in the process with your service dog so that getting a new member is not so difficult.

We would be happy to discuss with you any special needs and how we can tailor any additional training; the overview of training includes the all following:

Beginner Training
Basic Training
Advanced Training
One-On-One Training with you and your child
One On One Training with you in Public in special settings
ADA Public Access Test
Registration with us as an autism service dog

Non-refundable Deposit

Autism Service Dog Training in Brunswick Georgia